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Blogs, herewith, concern artists such as photographers, digital artists, painters and sculptors. In addition, to being a fine artist and a gallerist, Mona Youssef is also, a writer and a blogger. Hence, I would like to share her Blogs to discuss different subjects, art related. Therefore, all parties for example; Art collectors, Art lovers, Gallerists, art buyers, museums, Art dealers and Curators would make good use of reading them as an eye opener for Artists. I hope that you will find them practical and your feedback is always welcome. I hope that reading them will be inspiring for readers. Some of the subjects discussed are “How to price artwork, “The ability of Photographic memory”, “The game of pricing artwork”, “Passion for art”, “Purity of a child”, “Rest a creative mind”, “Brain, sends and receives”. The worker deserves the wages and creativity is valuable for it has been the origin of major business and big investment worldwide! Artists work hard to make living of their artwork and receiving recognition is due. Time to make the changes in the art-world!

©Mona Youssef Gallery, Fine artist, gallerist, blogger

Who is that GIANT?

Who is that GIANT?   Years ago, when an art dealer shared with me the difficulties she faced; being the first female dealer at that time, I sympathized with her. Today, I...

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Do Artists need Galleries?

Do Artists need Galleries? Since the initiation of the accessibility of Internet, many facts have changed. These facts have opened the art world to Artists to communicate on personal level with...

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Da Vinci Town

  "Da Vinci Town” DaVinci Town is a small Village where Leonard DaVinci was born on April 15, 1452 and grew in this impressive and histories community! This Village is located between...

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