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Winter landscape in realism oil paintings-Mona Youssef fine artist Winter is one of the most powerful season in Canada, even though harsh in temperature yet very inspiring at the same time. watching rich verity of the snow under sunlight, in different time of the day is heartwarming and motivating for me to paint. It has inspired me greatly to create new paintings with fresh ideas. I love hiking and taking photos, but I come up with my own composition and live in each painting, pouring out my inner and forget about the outside world, until I say” Time to move on for a nee subject”. Each painting took some months to finish because I work with many fine layers of genuine oil paint purchased from Germany and Italy. In this category, some artwork was sold to private art collectors and other is available of sale. As well prints and greeting cards are available upon requests. I will be happy to hear from You and hope You will enjoy viewing my artwork.

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