Mona Youssef Gallery


Herewith, are some of selected Art Exhibitions and Art Fairs Mona Youssef has participated. I’ve exhibited my oil paintings, whether as an artist or as a gallerist and a curator where represented hundreds of artists from around the worldwide. Most noteworthy, it has been very interesting life experience for me to visit all those countries such as, United Kingdom, Austria, France, Turkey, Monaco, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Travelling abroad has opened opportunities to exchanging artistic thoughts with numerous artists. Participating in or curating many exhibitions has also added depth to my knowledge of those countries, their history and cultures. Hence, such process makes one closer to others and to better understand them regardless of their backgrounds, languages or colours. In addition to exhibiting and curating, being exposed to different cultures has widened out my horizon, my understanding and compassion toward all.


Mona Youssef Gallery at Lausanne Art Fair, page 89, April 19-22, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Art Shopping, Carousal du Louvre, Paris, France, October 19-21.


The XI edition of Florence Biennale, Mona Youssef is a member of the International Selection Committee (C.I.S)

19th edition Art Shopping, Carousal Du Louvre, Paris, October 20-22

13th edition MAG – Contemporary Art Fair, Montreux, Switzerland, November 8-12


Art Shopping, Carousal Du Louvre, Paris, October 21-23


Art Shopping, Carousal Du Louvre, Paris, October 23-25

• Chester Art Fair, United Kingdom, November 20-22, 2015
ArtMonaco, Monte Carlo – Monaco, July 9-12, 2015 Mona Youssef Gallery


Liverpool Contemporary Arts Fair – LCAF, World Museum Liverpool, UK, July 3-6
ArtMonaco 2014 – Mona Youssef Art Gallery presenting artists from 24 countries April 24-27, Monte Carlo


• Chianciano Biennale, Chianciano Art Museum, Italy
• Moya Art Museum of Young Art, Palais Schönborn, Austria, Vienna


• Spirit of Art” MOYA-Museum of Young Art, Palais Schönborn, Austria, Vienna


• “Izmir Biennale” International art exhibition, Turkey, Izmir
• Group exhibition” Images on canvas”, City Hall, Ottawa, Canada


• “World-of-Art”, International art exhibition, Berlin, Germany
• “Natura-Art”, International Art Exhibition, Austria, Altenmarkt.
• “London Biennale” Gagliardi Gallery, Chelsea, London, UK.
• “Art Shopping” International Exhibition, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.


• “Chianciano Biennale” The Art Museum of Chianciano, Italy
• “The Sounds of Arts”, Copenhagen, Denmark
• Solo Exhibition, The Studio Gallery at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, Kingston


• Art Domain Gallery, Germany, Leipzig


• Florence Biennale” Italy, Florence


• “Landscapes”, Estense Castle, Italy, Ferrara.
• Cumberland Gallery, Orleans, Ontario, Canada.
• “Tulip Festival, Ottawa, Canada.
• “Rites of Spring”, Art Exhibition, Gloucester Art Gallery, Canada


• “National Gallery of Canada”, Spring Award Show, Ottawa, Canada.
• 23rd Juried Annual Arteast Art & Photo Exhibition, Ottawa, Orleans, Canada.
• 23rd Rideau Valley, Juried Art Festival, Westport, Ontario, Canada.
• “Spring Award” Show at National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada.
• Cumberland Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.
• Ottawa Art Festival, Ottawa, Canada.


• Gloucester Art Gallery, Orleans, Canada.
• Juried, Ottawa Art Festival, Ottawa, Canada.


• Orleans Art Gallery, 23rd Annual Arteast Art & Photo Exhibition, Ottawa, Canada.
• Juried “Spring art show” and “Fall art show”, Ottawa Art Association, Ottawa, Canada
• Foyer Gallery, Several Art shows, Nepean, Ottawa, Canada.


• Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada.
• Orleans art gallery, 23rd Annual Arteast Art & Photo Exhibition, Ottawa, Canada.
• Solo show, Gloucester Arts Council, Ottawa, Ontario.
• “Fall art show”, Ottawa Art Association, Ottawa, Canada.


• “Spring art show”, Ottawa Art Association, Ottawa, Canada.


• Municipal Art Gallery- Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa, Canada.


• O’Keefe Centre, Toronto, fundraiser for the Canadian Opera Company, Canada


• Group art exhibition, in high school. Egypt


• Solo Exhibition of oil and water paintings and pottery, Egypt, Cairo, (Fund raising)
The above Solo art exhibition was fully held for Funds raised to support a charitable organization focusing on the development of youth where I participated in at early age during school. It was a thrill to see my name and picture appear in a local newspaper with the heading “A Future Artist”, Egypt.