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Other realism landscape oil paintings – commission portraits Mona Youssef welcomes commission work whether of landscape or of your personal portraits. In this category, You will view portraits in oil on canvas as samples. As well some realism paintings of places and countries I have visited. For example, Villa Azalea was a hotel I stayed din during my exhibition in Florence biennial 2017. Also, Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence where I walked all the way there and created this painting. “Walking through Tuscany” was actual street I walked in 2009 during my exhibition in Chianciano Museum and went back for Chianciano Beinnale in 2013 with this painting. I was very happy to see who visits loved this painting but want not the time to sale it. The painting that I am most proud of creating was” The Canadian Constitution acts” 1982 which was presented to the then, Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau and still hanging in his home. Story is on my testimony page. I love take photos and then create my own composition and live in each painting, pouring out my inner and forget about the outside world, until I say” Time to move on for a nee subject”. Each painting took some months to finish because I work with many fine layers of genuine oil paint purchased from Germany and Italy. In this category, some artwork was sold to private art collectors and other is available of sale. As well prints and greeting cards are available upon requests. I will be happy to hear from You and hope You will enjoy viewing my artwork.

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