Mona Youssef Gallery


Oil painting on 100% pure linen/Canvas, size: 41cm x 51cm, captures the solitary and the expressive silence of winter which motivate feelings to see the hidden meaning that hard to express but easy to paint. I would let the viewers to understand it as is.

The linen/canvas is well treated professionally, some months prior to painting and one year after the work was done. The painting was done in many fine layers, using the well known and most expensive Sable brushes and I have used the sizes as small as 18 zeros. The brushes made from the finest quality of horse tail. The painting did not have any glazing in between layers. I add the richness and the natural depth which gives the classic look by working with many fine layers and tones using high quality pigments colors purchased from Italy, England and Germany. This technique insures the longevity of the painting for hundreds of years as vibrant as can be which means that colors will not turn yellowish with time. Painting was exhibited in Germany, France and England.

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