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 Welcome to Mona Youssef Art Gallery. This website is an online gallery presenting International and qualified artists selected by Mona Youssef to exhibit their artwork in professional and reputable exhibitions around the world. To visit my personal online gallery, please click on this link

Mona Youssef Art Gallery is presenting artists from 24 countries at ArtMonaco, French Riviera (Monaco), France

Having embraced art since childhood it became my life passion. First oil painting was sold at age of 12 and this profound passion is behind the long lasting career which enabled me to widen out, through the innovative years, until my realism paintings became international landmark. Some of my art collectors are from Royal families and one of them is The former Prime minister of Canada Pierre E. Trudeau who was, along with her Majesty the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, in one of my paintings the “Canadian Constitution Acts” 1982 on which I received a thank you letter from Mr. Trudeau 1999 expressing how proud he was to hang it in his home. This painting entered the history of Canada so did in UK’s where the Medias wrote about.

Persisting to walk in the path of art, I pursued my education and obtained a B.F.A. majored in interior and exterior design and received a scholarship. In addition to several Colleges degrees (Diplomas and Certificates), I had studied Desktop Publishing with honor Award, Digital Media, Commercial Arts and received numerous awards Nationally and Internationally for my paintings. One of the Awards is “The Leonardo Award” on the painting “The Heart of winter”

I am also a member of "Member of CARFAC”CARFAC Ontario the association of professional visual and media artists. Founded in 1968, CARFAC (Canadian Artists' Representation/le Front des artistes Canadiens) has worked for 40 years on the legal and economic issues facing visual artists.

Believing that art is to love for art is a manifestation of love, loving nature around us and people we share our world with, I have extended my communications worldwide and been moderating groups of thousands of members; artists, art lovers, collectors, dealers and galleries where found myself acting freely, as an art consultant. This enabled me to be acquainted with all parties’ goals and understand their needs. Though having assisted numerous art organizers, recommending artists, and juried artwork, edited and wrote contracts and curating nonetheless, my efforts were behind the scene. Having gained the trust of the public, a present, I am taking the role of a gallerist and a curator to assist my fellow artists and get them receive the exposure they deserve and to work, hand in hand, with professional and reputable art organizers.

"As a Canadian Journalist, I have written about many noteworthy subjects, catering to the interests of various communities. I am proud to have had the opportunity to appreciate the work of Canadian Artist, Mona Youssef, whose work transcends thoughts and imagination from the most simple of concepts. We human often overlook the most basic beauty that surrounds us every day. Through natural light and shadows, Mona has captured the essence or reality of objects on canvas so they are impossible to ignore. Often our life is composed of what our thoughts make it. Viewing her work has given me a different perspective in which to view life. The blazing color and intricate detail's expresses how life is to be enjoyed. Pride makes us do things well, but it's love that brings them to perfection. Mona has great love to create feelings as optimism and hope, to all who view her work."

Canadian Fine Artist - Realism oil paintings

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