Mona Youssef welcomes You.

Realism oil paintings of the four seasons by Mona Youssef, international Award-winning realism fine artist. Welcome to Mona Youssef online art Gallery and hope that you will enjoy viewing therewith, are some of her realism oil paintings on canvas , and presentation video. High quality prints and greeting cards of some paintings are available for sale upon request.

Commission work and personal portraits paintings are welcome upon request. I do hope that You will enjoy the visit and will be pleased to hear from You. In addition, I would like to welcome You also to Mona Youssef Gallery (MYG) where represents selected Artists in international Art exhibitions and Art Fairs in various countries at: . As well, Mona’s Introductory website at:

“As a Canadian Journalist, I have written about many noteworthy subjects, catering to the interests of various communities. I am proud to have had the opportunity to appreciate the work of Canadian Artist, Mona Youssef, whose work transcends thoughts and imagination from the simplest of concepts. We human often overlook the most basic beauty that surrounds us every day. Through natural light and shadows, Mona has captured the essence or reality of objects on canvas so they are impossible to ignore. Often our life is composed of what our thoughts make it. Viewing her work has given me a different perspective in which to view life. The blazing color and intricate details expresses how life is to be enjoyed. Pride makes us do things well, but its love that brings them to perfection. Mona has great love to create feelings as optimism and hope, to all who view her work.” Kevin Otto, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Realism oil paintings online art gallery. Noteworthy, the body of my artwork on canvas, reflects the unique characteristics of Canada. The four seasons have influenced me at a very early age. Thereafter, living in Canada has enriched my experience as we have the most beautiful four seasons. Having travelled around the world while perceiving the surroundings, I observed the amusing versatilities in the universe as there is no single thing entirely, typical to the other. Most significant, the whole creation is working together harmoniously. Due to all its elements that present values, different strengths and beauty individually and. Subconsciously, this what I convey in my paintings. Even though each painting has different subject, character, set of colors and feeling of its own surroundings yet, stands out differently. While the rest of artwork still working as one body under same theme of the four seasons and transmitting from season to another. So are we all, have different abilities, qualities, talents, colours, languages and cultures, nevertheless, living in one world. Each one of us adds values and beauty to our world, cultures and history to enjoy life.